Dealing with Dentophobia -

Dealing with Dentophobia

Fear of the dentist is a major problem that a lot of people suffer from. So much so, it has gotten its own name: dentophobia. With so many dealing with dental anxiety, it was a major breakthrough to patients to know there was a solution or them. When sedation dentistry became more prominent, more people decided they could finally take control of their oral health.

It is important to not let fear of the dentist stop you from going. Oral health is a major contributor to overall health, so managing it is imperative. Now because of sedation dentistry, there are a series of methods you can undergo to allow a relaxation of those nerves.

Some of the techniques require a milder anesthetic. Some common methods for mild sedation include nitrous oxide and oral sedation. These sedation methods will help you to calm down and not focus on the procedure ahead of you. Laughing gas and oral sedation also do not put you to sleep, so you will be able to communicate and being aware of your surroundings.

If you suffer from extreme anxiety, your dentist may recommend IV sedation. IV sedation allows for the anesthesia to be inserted via the vein in your arm, which provides a much deeper relaxation.

When you seek dental treatment, it is very important to establish trust. The patient/dentist relationship should be somewhat strong, as you need to trust them to preform procedures on you, in a close setting. You’ll be going to your dentist on a regular basis, so you’ll want to be sure that you can trust their actions.  When you go to your dentist for the first time, you should let them know about your dental anxiety.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, letting your dentist and their staff know is important.  This way, they will work with you to overcome your fear and make you feel as comfortable as possible.  Over time, you’ll find that you can overcome your fear and establish a great relationship with going to the dentist.  Soon enough, you’ll be over your fear and maintain great oral hygiene.