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Relax and Achieve a Healthier Smile with Sedation Dentistry

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Dangers of delaying treatment because of dental anxiety

Fears, phobias, and anxiety related to visiting the dentist can take their toll on both your oral health and your well-being. If you’ve been skipping dental visits or delaying treatment because of fear, your anxiety could be preventing you from maintaining a healthy smile. Dr. Soonmyo Wheeler offers sedation dentistry to help patients get through treatment without stress. Whether you are getting a full arch of dental implants or something as simple as scaling and root planing, we offer two simple methods of sedation to help you get through your treatment anxiety-free.

Sedation dentistry options

We offer the following types of sedation at our practice:

Sedation Dentistry

Local Anesthetic

We inject a numbing solution directly into the cheek and gums around the treatment area. You will start to get numb within minutes and the effects last for at least a couple of hours. Anesthetic is a safe and effective solution for numbing the tissues and we can use it to target both small and larger areas of the mouth.

Look forward to a stress-free dental experience

Turn to Dr. Wheeler for all your dental needs and look forward to a stress-free dental experience. We do everything we can to ensure our patients are as comfortable and relaxed as possible throughout treatment. We’ve found that sedation can change a patient’s entire dental experience and also change their lives.

If you have been postponing dental visits because of fear or anxiety, let us show you how sedation dentistry can help!

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