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Dental Implant Preparation Procedures for Optimal Results

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Preparing for dental implants

Replacing missing teeth as soon as a tooth goes missing is critical for your oral health and your well-being. Many people don’t realize that you start losing bone the moment a tooth is no longer attached to the jaw. Over time, the jaw bone can deteriorate and cause a host of oral health issues. If too much bone has been lost and dental implants are the best solution for replacing your teeth, Dr. Wheeler may need to perform procedures that rebuild the lost bone before the implants are placed.

Before Dental Implants

How a Sinus Lift Works

Patients who have a lot of bone loss in the upper jaw or inadequate bone around the upper jaw area may need a sinus lift before dental implants. A sinus lift adds bone or bone-like material in areas of bone loss in the upper jaw to better accommodate the base of an implant. Sinus lifts increase the success rate of dental implants.

Before Dental Implants

How a Bone Graft Works

In some cases, bone loss is more apparent in the lower jaw or only in certain areas of the mouth. A bone grafting procedure will rebuild the lost tissue and create a stable foundation for dental implant placement. Dr. Wheeler performs bone grafting procedures and may include this procedure as part of your tooth replacement plan.

Recovering from dental implant procedures

Many patients are fearful about the pain and recovery time associated with dental implant procedures but we remind patients that there is nothing to worry about — we will be with you every step of the way and Dr. Wheeler takes steps to minimize pain and discomfort. Dental implant surgery can improve your quality of life and the investment in your smile will pay off in more ways than one.

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