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Say goodbye to toothaches with a root canal

Many patients suffer from persistent tooth pain or toothaches triggered by hot and cold foods or beverages. If this sounds like you, there’s a good chance the inside of the tooth has become infected and needs immediate treatment. Many people with toothaches learn they need to get a root canal to save their teeth. Without timely treatment, the infection can destroy the tooth and trigger a host of other oral health issues.

How a root canal works

Root Canals
Root Canal Treatment Procedure

Root canal therapy is less painful than it sounds. It involves removing the infected pulp and filling the tooth with a non-toxic filling material. We may cap the tooth to strengthen it but the base of your tooth remains in the socket. This way, the tooth is saved and you do not need to undergo costly and painful surgery to stop the toothache. Dr. Soonmyo Wheeler performs root canal therapy right in the office and we offer sedation dentistry for patients that need a little extra relief.

Recognize the signs of infection

Ignoring tooth pain or a persistent toothache is never a good idea. Any type of pain in the mouth is a sign that you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Knowing what the symptoms of an infection are, such as pain, swelling, sensitivity, or darkening of the tooth, are helpful in recognizing treatment is needed. Getting a root canal before the infection has spread is critical for preventing tooth destruction and costly dental treatments to replace and repair the tooth.

If you have persistent tooth pain and need a resolution quickly, talk to Dr. Wheeler about your options.

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