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Teeth Whitening Solutions to Brighten Your Smile

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Smile with confidence again

If you’re afraid to smile because of yellowing or stained teeth, talk to Dr. Soonmyo Wheeler about the latest teeth whitening solutions that can brighten your smile by several shades. Dr. Wheeler offers both the Zoom! Whitening and Sinsational Smile® essential oil treatment for busy patients who want lasting results with their teeth whitening regimen. Zoom! Whitening is an in-office procedure while the Sinsational Smile essential oil treatment is a natural-based, take-home system.

Teeth Whitening

“We have many different and safe options to whiten your teeth. I believe everyone deserves to have a bright and beautiful smile. Many patients experience the wow factor after the teeth whitening procedure. ”
Soonmyo Wheeler DDS FAACP

Professional teeth whitening vs. over the counter kits

Professional teeth whitening systems are safer and more effective than over the counter kits and products you may see at your favorite drug store. When you turn to a dentist for teeth whitening services, you can trust that your gums and teeth will not become damaged by the whitening solution or procedure. Many over the counter kits contain compounds and materials that can wear away the gums and cause permanent damage to the teeth.

Professional teeth whitening is not only safer but can also brighten your smile by several shades within a few hours or days. Professional, medical-grade products contain prescription-strength whitening agents so they are much more powerful than the gels, toothpastes, and whitening strips you can buy outside of a medical setting.

Brightening solutions for all types of tooth discoloration

Teeth Whitening
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No matter what the cause of yellowing teeth may be, Dr. Wheeler has a solution available to whiten and brighten your smile. Whether you’re getting ready for a wedding, business meeting, or other special event, you can turn to our practice for a custom teeth whitening solution that will enhance your smile. Our teeth whitening solutions can help reduce or remove coffee stains, wine stains, and yellowing or discoloration from tobacco use or medications.

Learn more about the latest teeth whitening options available at our practice.

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