Fix Your Failing Dentition -

Fix Your Failing Dentition

If you are suffering from failing dentition, you no longer have to worry about remaining without teeth. Dental implants are an option that many doctors are now offering for their patients, including the team at Summit Dental. Implants are a great way to bring back your oral health, have strong, permanent teeth once again, and keep your facial structure intact. Dental implants are also highly popular for patients because they are an option to keep your oral health in check. Maintaining oral health is important because your oral cavity can lead to the rest of the body.

Prior to the dental implant procedure, you may need some extra care to allow for those permanent new teeth to stay permanent. Here are some procedures that may be a part of your dental implant treatment.

Bone grafts are an available option if you need dental implants but have low bone density. If you are suffering from missing teeth, then overtime the bone that once supported these teeth will begin to deteriorate. However, bone grafts make it possible for the installation of dental implants even if you have low bone density. To determine if bone grafts are needed schedule a consult with your dentist.

Soft tissue grafting is also available prior to receiving your implants to strengthen your gums. If you suffer from a receding gum line, your implants may not be secure after placement. This is when your doctor will offer gum grafting to ensure your foundation is strong and is ready to hold the implant.

Dental implants are designed to look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth with this being said caring for your dental implants is made easier. The maintenance of your dental implants is similar to how you would care for your natural teeth meaning brushing and flossing regularly to keep your mouth healthy and clean. Also, maintaining regular checkup appointments with your dentist is important.

If you are thinking that dental implants are the right procedure for you, it is best to plan a consultation with Dr. Wheeler. At this appointment, Dr. Wheeler and her team of specialists will be able to aid you through any process and procedures you will need.