What Are Dental Implants? -

Losing teeth used to mean substantial lifestyle changes, but it doesn’t have to mean that anymore. If you lose teeth now, dental implants can provide a replacement that also simulates the action of your natural teeth, leading to a stronger replacement and a more natural, tissue-preserving solution in the long run. As your dentist in Rohnert Park, CA, Dr. Wheeler wants prospective implant patients to have answers to common questions up front.

How Many Teeth Can Be Replaced With Implants?

Unlike bridges and dentures, implants have no limitations on the number of teeth they can replace. Micro-implants allow for a single tooth replacement, and full arch implants can even take the place of dentures. Dentists design implant placements to accommodate patient needs.

How Often Do Implants Need To Be Replaced?

If they aren’t damaged, implants are permanent. Even if a porcelain tooth replacement is cracked or chipped, the anchor usually doesn’t need any replacement or repair. The only exceptions are cases of trauma to the face or jaw.

Who Is a Candidate for Implants?

Not everyone will be able to access implants. Patients need to have tissue that can support the anchors, so in extreme cases of jawbone or gum tissue loss, patients may be excluded from consideration. Other health issues that make the placement procedure dangerous could also preclude this option. Otherwise, most patients are candidates for implants now that the techniques involved in implant dentistry have evolved to a point where support procedures allow for more customization around challenging cases.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Costs are hard to predict since patient needs differ with respect to support procedures and implant size alike. Generally, they are slightly more expensive than other options even without additional procedures to aid placement, but remember, they are permanent. Bridge work and dentures will eventually need a full replacement, leading to a recurring cost two or even three times for many patients. For more information, contact our office about a consultation appointment.